Supply Chain Management

An application to optimize your supply chain and increase your sales.


Awesome Features

Manage Your Supply Chain

Define and manage your supply chain with amazing ease. Manage C&F, Distribution network, manage dealership, retail show rooms. Manage their credit limit. Get started in few hours.

Save by planning inventory and production

Visibility of orders on your network. Plan your inventory and production based on advance orders and start saving.

Manage Inventory

Manage inventory of complete network. Efficiently clear your inventory. View fast moving and slow moving items in supply chain. Optimize your product distribution.

Business Intelligence of Your Supply Chain

Get complete analysis of your network. Performance analysis of your sales, supplier, product. Analyse and save on cost. Analysis based projections of your sales.

Product as Service on Cloud

Pay no money upfront. Pay as you go. Our product is available on cloud. Pay subscription fee and start using. Avail solution at amazing prices.


Our solution benefits cut across industry segments. FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Textile, Oil and Gas and many more.